Dazur Shutters is pleased to present its line of equisitely-designed and professionally-crafted blinds and shutters. Our plantation shutters are a popular choice among new home builds and refurbishment projects as a practical yet stylistic way to add both shade and a touch of elegance to a home’s interior.

PVC plantation shutters or basswood shutters are popular choices among our customers. As with PVC shutters, they offer resilience and durability, keeping their color over many years of intense sun exposure, while offering some insulation benefits. Basswood shutters – a little more expensive – bring an added classy touch to older or classic-style homes. Both types of shutters are offered by Dazur, and are fully backed by our guarantee for fit and long-term use.

For our customers who are interested in shutters and blinds for their homes, we recommend custom-made (not off-the-shelf) solutions for two reasons: first, having a precise match is important to esthetics and to ensuring that homeowners receive their maximum shade value. Second, because shutters are assumed to stay with the home as a permanent part of the structure, they can be counted as a capital expense and depreciated accordingly. This financial benefit means that top-quality, custom-built window shutters can actually increase the value of your home.

From timber shutters to vertical blinds, we are sure you will find the right solution for your home or office, and one that fits comfortably within your budget. We are proud of our reputation in Australia as not only offering highly competitive prices, but also in being a top-quality supplier of interior shutters. We have earned this reputation by carefully selecting our products and suppliers, and through the expert care and service we give to our customers.

Dazur welcomes you to visit our showroom and see the full range of window shade options that are available, and we look forward to working with you to bring you the interior décor of our dreams.