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PVC Plantation Shutters

The price here is excluding GST, the installation fee and the delivery fee.

If you are out of sydney metropolitan area, the delivery and installation fee may increase.
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Leading time: Shutters are guaranteed deliver in 6-8 weeks.

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Price: $/sqm + GST

Product Description

The PVC plantation Shutters looks more modern in your home. The PVC material is much more clever and suitable to your home. The PVC material could prevent the PVC wrap or crack due to the high humidity environment. The PVC Shutters could be installed in bathroom, kitchen, and those places with high moisture. Moreover, the PVC material is strong enough to deal with the UV ray in Australia where sunlight is a serious issue in the summer. The PVC Plantation Shutters could protect the inferior space of home from rain or high wind, but they could be opened in nice weather in order to let air and light in. These material would not peel or crack due the heat absorb from sunlight. The Shutter that D’AZUR manufactures is more durable than the normal wood. The materials and design ensure they withstand dramatic temperatures, light and humidity and daily wear and tear. Moreover, the plantation shutters helps your place to be energy efficient since the plantation shutters’s slat is flexible and it cna help to block the light and heat away. The material used in the plantation shutters provide an ultimate protection from the sunlight, wind and rain.




The plantation shutters provide two types of frame for customer to choose, L frame or Z frame. Different home may require different frame size for the installation of plantation shutters.

L frame: 47mm * 19mm

60mm * 36mm

Z frame: 45mm * 16.5mm

D’AZUR also provide different fitting method for the plantation shutters. According to the size of the window, D’AZUR will choose the most suitable method for customer in order to have the best appearance and the best control of the customer. The suitable fitting method allow the customer for the light control and privacy.




Provide the free measurement to the customer or the customer can provide the dimension to us on FREE QUOTE page. D’AZUR would like to give you the best price in order to install the PVC plantation shutters. For the best price and the best quality shutters you want to have, contact us by call 1300 788 139 or email us to

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