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Our Roller blinds are from the best fabric suppliers in Australia and around the world. Fabrics designed specifically for Australia’s strong sun and damaging ultra-violet light, making them extremely long-lasting and durable.

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Unmatchable Roller Blinds quality and value

D’AZUR provides top quality Roller Blinds which manufacture to the actual size of your window. The Roller Blinds manufactured by us offer up to 30% off discount to our dearest customer. D’AZUR Roller Blinds product give our customer the modern and cost effective product to our customers. No matter we earn less money, we would provide the most suitable Roller Blinds or fabric to D’AZUR customer.

These simple, easy to use blinds include the following features:

  • Aluminium roller cores and sidewinder control to secure the durable use
  • The fabrics we use are all 100% hard wearing Polyester
  • 100% manufacture to the actual measurement to your window.
  • Chain control which provide the customer control the blinds easily
  • A wide range of colour selection for customer to choose in order to fit in the home style
  • 12 months free limited warranty(*Condition apply)
  • The easy to use controls can be fitted on the left or right-hand side of the blind you choose

Blockout Roller Blinds:

The Blockout Roller Blinds use 3 layer blockout fabric to ensure there is full block on the window. The Blockout Roller Blinds helps to keep away all the sunlight and UV rays to go into your place. Moreover, the Roller Blinds can help keep the temperature low in the summer within your place and reduce the hear power loss in the loss. Therefore, the electricity bill become lower after you install the blockout Roller Blinds since you do not need to switch on your air-conditioner or the heater as before. When your family have an infant baby or little child, you may need to install the blockout Roller Blinds, since infant baby or children will have sleeping time in the daytime. The blockout Roller Blinds will help to maintain the room dark in order to help the children sleep longer time. When Roller Blinds provide you the maximum light from outside when you pull the Roller Blinds up and give the the privacy and shading when you pull the Roller Blinds down.


Available Colour for Blockout Roller Blinds










Mercury Metallic







Available Colour for  Screen Blinds (see through)








Roller Blinds  Blockout Cream Product Specifications

Minimum width: 300mm
Maximum width: 3000mm
Minimum drop: 300mm
Maximum drop: 3000mm
Fabric name: Vibe Blockout
Fabric colour: To be selected
Light filter: Blockout
Measurement type: Recess or Face fit
Control position: Left or right side
Chain colour: Chrome
Chain length: 2/3 of blind drop
Bottom rail colour: Silver cream, Silver white, Silver black
Package contents: Blind, Fixing brackets, Chain cleat

Provide the free measurement to the customer or the customer can provide the dimension to us on FREE QUOTE page. D’AZUR would like to give you the best price in order to install the Roller Blinds. For the best price and the best quality Roller blinds you want to have, contact us by call 1300 788 139 or email us to

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